Île de Gorée

Place for the memory of the exploitation of man by man and sanctuary for reconciliation

Île de Gorée

Points of Interest

Know the points of interest of the city

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Point d’intérêt culturel, touristique et commercial


Know the city of Gorée Island

With only 17 hectares and 3 km from Dakar, it has a great history, so much that in 1978 it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It was one of the first European settlements in West Africa and an important port for the slave trade between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Island of Gorée is a small villa of colonial houses with warm colors, with a beautiful beach, several restaurants and hotels, craft markets and with very smiling people. Here is also the best female school, where some girls, after passing demanding tests, have the opportunity to study and study with scholarships in the prestigious “Maison d’Education Mariama BA”.

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