‘Floraguere 2017’ ends today on the Camino Largo

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Floraguere 1-min

The initiative, which began last Tuesday, brings together producers, farmers, nurserymen of the municipality and those interested in this sector

Floraguere 2017, I Fair of Botany and Floriculture, launched by the Department of Economics, Business and Employment of the City of La Laguna, ends today on the Camino Largo. The initiative is part of the City 2020 Project, a transnational cooperation program promoted by this municipal area.

During the weekend, farmers, producers, nurserymen of the municipality and people interested in this sector have been able to visit exhibitions of flowers and plants and participate in various workshops that have been carried out as throughout the weekend in La Laguna.

The mayor María José Castañeda recalled that “City 2020 focuses on the creation of an integration strategy of the historic centre of the World Heritage Cities of Macaronesia with the municipal territory.”

Ornamental sector

The ornamental sector in the Canary Islands covers an area of ​​approximately 500 hectares, of which more than a fifth are in the municipality of La Laguna, divided into more than 25 companies with a production value of more than 10 million euros per year.

In the municipality, there are mainly companies of production of ornamental plant (indoor plant, seasonal plant, cycas and palms trees) and cut flowers (roses, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, gerberas, strelitzias, cut foliage and, in the highest levels, proteas).

It is the municipality with the largest ornamental production in the Canary Islands, where the main companies of this sector have focused on export.