CITY 2020

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The CITY 2020 Project is an initiative approved by the ERDF-funded Interreg MAC 2014-2020 Cooperation Program, whose partners are the Cities declared World Heritage Sites in the Atlantic, namely Angra do Heroísmo, La Laguna (Canary Islands), Saint Louis (Senegal), Isle de Gorée (Senegal) and Ribeira Grande de Santiago (Cape Verde). This territorial cooperation project aims to highlight and enrich business and commercial competitiveness in networks, particularly in the tourism sector, through inclusive, intelligent and sustainable initiatives.

With the signing of the Cooperation Protocol between these five cities, a period of continuous exchange and joint work for the pursuit of the objectives set forth in this Project begins – promotion of sustainable, innovative and quality tourism products and services, promotion of local commerce in World Heritage Cities, support to SMEs in the tourism sector and hotel companies through training actions or support to entrepreneurs for a more competitive development of the tourism sector in terms of efficiency and increase the quality of local products and services, for example.

The final objective is to achieve greater business development, economic reactivation of the World Heritage Cities participating in this Project, the increase of competitiveness in the territorial scope and the consolidation of the open commercial zone.

The CITY 2020 Project builds on the premise that the sustainable economic development and entrepreneurial competitiveness of World Heritage Cities must be achieved through joint work at the local level, with a view to achieving a balance between conservation, tradition and progress.

The declaration that Angra do Heroísmo, La Laguna, Cidade Velha, Saint Louis and Isle de Gorée received as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO constitutes an international recognition that encourages us to seek to ensure the protection and conservation of our Heritage.

As such, this Project addresses issues that encompass the 21st century municipal objectives and challenges and the characteristic problems of the World Heritage Cities.

The CITY 2020 project lasts for three years, with an overall budget of € 1,233,500.00, of which 85% is made available by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). This is one of 56 projects approved in the first call of the Interreg Program MAC 2014-2020.